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What is the AGF’s Mission Statement?

The Acrobatic Gymnastics Foundation seeks to enrich our community, provide athlete funding, and create a sustainable platform to engage and empower acrobatic athletes.

How does the AGF raise money?

The subject of fundraising is vitally important to any organization and certainly for the Acrobatic Gymnastics Foundation. It is our goal and plan to be “self-sustaining” which means that the Foundation will always be renewing its financial resources with which to power all organization activities. 

So how do we do this?  While we will continue to graciously receive private donations from our extended Acro community, we will realize our goals by reaching out to other organizations, corporations, potential partners and alliances to gain commitment and build a solid financial base. There will be some revenue as the result of merchandising projects, as well.

You can learn more about donating to the AGF here.

What projects/services has the AGF been involved with?

We excited about the projects and services we have been able to launch so far, and look forward to bigger and better things in the future.


  • Launched #iheartacro day so our community could take over social media. The project has grown every year with thousands of photos and posts appearing on social media every February 14.
  • First #iheartacro shirt available for sale. Get yours here.
  • Flash Mob Contest held to celebrate National Gymnastics Day. Acro Teams from around the country surprised their community with Acro performances, then created videos and uploaded them to You-Tube. We awarded $1000 to the International Gymnastics Center of Sacramento, CA for their fun video. The team used the prize to purchase training blocks and weights, as well as covering team expenses during the competition season.
  • We awarded the first Athlete Support checks to Ryan Ward and Kiley Boynton for their medal wins.


  • Exclusive Team Pulse designed shirt was created. The shirt was available for sale in our store. We presented the National Team with their own “Team USA” shirts to wear while attending the World Championships.
  • Created and distributed the Social Media Guide for Athletes to the National Team.
  • Team Pulse hosted a fun Scavenger Hunt during the National Championships in Louisville, KY.
  • We provided #iheartacro sunglasses for everyone at Nationals.
  • Six athletes attending Worlds earned cash awards for their social media posts including blogs and Instagram posts.


  • AGF Founder, Kristin Allen, was selected as the athlete representative for the U.S. World Games Delegation that successfully presented Birmingham, AL as the location for the 2017 Games.
  • The 1st Annual #iheartacro Bash is scheduled for June 23 in Greensboro, NC during the National Championships.
  • Can I donate to the AGF?

    Yes!  Donations can be made online via PayPal. Click here to visit the Donate page. All credit cards are accepted there. 

    More information about the Friends of the AGF program, including donation levels and gifts, is available here.

    What percentage of AGF funds go towards administrative costs?

    We are an all volunteer organization. AGF expenses are limited to bare essentials such as printing costs, some materials, etc.  It is the goal of AGF to maintain any and all administrative costs at or below general standards for successful non-profit organizations.

    Does the AGF have non-profit status?

    Yes, we received that status in 2014. All required documents, including AGF bylaws, were submitted to the IRS toward receiving official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status. 

    Why did the Kristin Allen Foundation become the AGF?

    The goal of the Kristin Allen Foundation was to generate initial seed funding of $25,000 to help support the sport of Acro Gymnastics and its athletes. When that goal was achieved (and exceeded!) by Nationals 2012, the next phase of development became setting a strategic plan of action.  To denote this new phase of organizational development, the Acrobatic Gymnastics Foundation was born.

    What are the AGF’s plan’s for the future?

    The AGF is excited to launch two exciting new programs in 2015:

    • Friends of the Acrobatic Gymnastics Foundation contribute directly to helping acrobatic gymnasts in the U.S. achieve their dreams. You can learn more about the program, donation levels, and gifts here.
    • Through our new grant and award programs, athletes can receive financial assistance for training and travel expenses. More about this program will be released in the near future. Follow the AGF on social media to stay connected and get the latest updates.

    The Acrobatic Gymnastics Foundation is excited about what is to come and looks forward to involving anyone and everyone interested in the beautiful sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics to join us for the journey!